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  1. Amadman

    Possible bank issues

    There currently seem to be technical issues with the bankers in a few towns. But I am sure those are being addressed. What I am concerned about though is the amount of bankers and the limited access to them. As it is now it seems that it could easily get over crowded around the bankers. There...
  2. Amadman

    Extraction message

    I think there should be some kind of message posted to the center of the screen when a player starts extracting. Possibly the amount of time it will take to finish or something simular. When first trying the crusher in fab the animation started and ended without giving me any results. It left...
  3. Amadman

    Free trial keys

    For those that are not aware, there is a free trial key listed on the account donation page of those that have alpha access. I had not heard this myself and just seen it in a discord post. Checked my account donation page and sure enough there was a free key listed there. So, I thought I would...
  4. Amadman

    Fleeing creatures!

    Really glad to see they are going this direction with the prey type animals. I honestly liked it that way in the first game and was disappointed when they changed to suicidal boks. This is far superior out the gate though.
  5. Amadman

    Need to be able to jump/climb better

    I think we should be able to jump a bit higher and climb a little steeper. I have been putting off posting this for some time. But I just got stuck in a small hole that I swear I could fall out of. So I figure now is probably as good of a time as any to post it.
  6. Amadman


    I thought that at one time ai was listed on the road map but, I do not see it there at this time. In my opinion ai was one of the weakest points in MO. So it kind of concerns me that there seems to be little focus on it with such little time until the planned release. I hope there are big...
  7. Amadman


    Did they loose the road map with the new website design? Not sure if I missed it but I tried to look at it today and could not find it. Would be a shame if they did. It was nice being kept in the loop that way.
  8. Amadman

    Building packs?

    I hope I am reading this wrong but it sounds like they are saying that things like nails and hinges will have to be purchased from npcs and not be craftable. I get it if they need to have some kind of money sink for houses. But it is really hard to swallow that someone who can craft metal...
  9. Amadman

    Dynamic mining node maximums

    I was wondering if there was any chance we could have nodes be more dynamic in MO2? Nodes where the maximum amount of ore available in them changes based on how often they are mined. I had suggested something similar in the past and don't remember the exact details. Basically nodes start off...
  10. Amadman

    Sliders alternative on weapons and armor

    Watching the recent Q&A video I noticed how Henrik seemed a bit torn on the idea of sliders vs numbers for info on crafted items. Since I think the numbers would be more new user friendly I thought I would suggest this alternative. What if there was some type of evaluation skill that high...
  11. Amadman

    Melon run leaderboard.

    I know the fruit thing was said to only be fore alpha. But I am assuming there is a possibility for it leading to other types of activities that will be in the actual game. So, maybe the leaderboard could just be a sign near the run that players can just check when they want to see it? I dont...