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  1. Rhias

    Jungle & Jungle Camp

    And since people always ask how to find it: Way from Bakti to Jungle Camp: Leave Bakti towards West until you reach the river. Follow the river towards the south, and continue following it east until you reach a "cave" and a lake behind it. From there walk south until you reach a cliff. There...
  2. Rhias

    Risar dungeon & AI behaviour...

    In general the Risar Dungeon experience is pretty OK. But there are a few bugs: - If you hit the sword of a risar it does 2x damage (1x equipment + 1x body hit). - There are some white floor tiles which turn black once you reach a certain distance to them. - AI gets stuck in some positions. - AI...
  3. Rhias

    Warcrys worth it?

    Hey, is it just me or is there absolutely no reason to skill certain warcrys as a PVP meele fighter? E.g. "A inspiring warcry that will strengthen the bodies of anyone close to you giving them stronger physical defence. This buff stacks up to 5 times on Oghmirs". So I'm a meele fighter and...
  4. Rhias

    Resistance bonus on Oghmir

    The Oghmir has clade gifts to reduce damage taken, correct? Someone tested so far how big the impact of them is?
  5. Rhias

    Weakspots currently disabled for daggers?

    Hey, I created a Veela in Skinny with 130 Dex. I tested it with a Mercy Dagger Head out of Steel with full steel handle, and also a second one with dense crepite handle. I tested all available grips. Out of a few 100 attacks I didn't get a single weakspot. Fully changed hits on the head, and...
  6. Rhias

    Created a MO2 "trailer"

    Can't wait for release in march. Hopefully we get a shitload of players. To support this I create an unofficial "trailer" showing some of the currently available features.
  7. Rhias

    Small scale PVP

    Some "old" videos I found on my disk...
  8. Rhias

    Teamfights after engine update

  9. Rhias

    New Hair & Beards

    For everyone who does not have MO2 Beta Access: I clicked through all available hair and beards for all races.
  10. Rhias

    Tephra Crater

    If someone hasn't seen it yet ingame:
  11. Rhias

    Mino Dungeon

    Full length video (uncut).
  12. Rhias

    More control over pets

    In MO1 your control over a pet was pretty limited. You could send it to attack, or return it to you. However, there was no way to send it to positions or directions. And therefore the pet was frequently in the way of your attacks/spells when sending it to attack. We need a way to directly...
  13. Rhias

    Different type of weapons

    Hey, I created a video fighting bandits with all different groups of weapons. If someone is interested how their animations look like check it out.
  14. Rhias

    Feedback on AI

    Positve: + directional attacks Negative: - Pathing (being listed as known issues: Ai has some pathing issues being worked on. (Not always taking the shortest straight path) ) - Pathing²: AI does not only never take the shortest straight path, sometimes they walk circles around trees, or stop...
  15. Rhias

    Steel Production Video Guide

    Hey, I created a small guide how to produce steel in MO2. Might not be that intersting for MO1 Vets, but I think it will be helpfull for new players & persistent release. The video has jumpmakers to the different steps in it's description.
  16. Rhias

    2 vs 3 fight

    Yet another boring fight... Uploaded it in case someone is interested... ;)
  17. Rhias

    4[+1] vs many - the Germans taking over Nave

    Fucking around with some randoms...
  18. Rhias

    Testing kiting and group fighting (2 vs x)

    We poked a bit the hornet's nest. Turned out into some nice kiting.