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  1. bbihah

    Which build is best for archer/mage

    A alvarin mage should be able to max Dex Int and Con. With some bonus points shoved into psy. As long as you are minimum size. Size only really impacts your health and your character size. So the extra attributes for psy will be a welcome addition for your mana pool. If you can make sure to...
  2. bbihah

    Nights have become ridiculous

    around 25% of a day is dark. Thats not a long time, people whining are probably pvp psychos that should stick to games like mordhau :P
  3. bbihah

    Nights have become ridiculous

    Bubble should stay but I can agree the area that you can see should be brighter. Not just to prevent people cranking up gamma, but because upping your gamma becomes a thing you have to do to see enough to get around and be competitive and with the bubble its kind of moot to fight the gamma side...
  4. bbihah

    Beta Patch Notes Discussion

    All of this, soooo much. And NPCS NEED to abide by collision rules other than pathfinding around terrain. I hated that in MO1 where if you are fighting multiple melee mobs. A lot of the time with most mobs you'd risk getting stuck inside of them if you weren't careful because you can collide...
  5. bbihah

    What;s the best Race for Archer ?

    Don't forget that veela makes it real easy to have enough ecumenical for a couple heals. Very good for both on foot and mounted. I'll be giving veela archer a try. Maybe not be the best, but very flexible race that lets you respec between mage, fighter, archer and hybrid.
  6. bbihah

    List/summary of all things/Bugs that have to be fixed/polished before release (plz try to complete the List, if you find a bug)

    Clade system really could use multiple ways to unlock clade gifts. Hidden achievements give free unlock of a specific one for example, rather than having to do X grind for xp and also some clades could have known achievements as alternative to XP tied to all kinds of things like XP, exploration...
  7. bbihah

    Mechanic to prevent Dupes.

    I think Necro has more insight in past and current internals of MO than the devs themselves, always had. From what I remember he helped them out on multiple occasions during MO1.
  8. bbihah

    Mechanic to prevent Dupes.

    I think Necro is one of, if not the most qualified person to weigh in on programming matters on these forums.
  9. bbihah

    Toxai overview

    Looks like they just copied mo1 1:1 for now. Hopefully it will grow a bit to match the increased area leading to it. And the way going south.
  10. bbihah

    Bow crafting in MO2 = MO1

    I mean, its a sequel game, not a complete rework. Some systems that there is nothing wrong with they SHOULD just basically port over. But some other systems could work just well to port over and then do additions to. Armor, Shield crafting and bow crafting are all ones that should at least get...
  11. bbihah

    Bow crafting in MO2 = MO1

    You can weakspot with bows right now though, so the stats are probably more important so that you can actually hit a good weakspot chance even without the skills for it. But yes, basic system has not changed, I liked the old system, although in my opinion it needed more variables added to it...
  12. bbihah

    Bow crafting in MO2 = MO1

    Do remember though that crepite is and was infact not the best material for bows. You can usually reach about the same bow performance almost with any material. There are other stats that you have to consider and those really only got important late in mo1s life, weakspot etc.
  13. bbihah

    Nerf 2-hand swords

    Whenever we get dual wielding working, maybe we could have the same system work on shields. Shields make great offensive weapons on top of their defensive capabilities. Depending on the shield type and shape the shield could possibly compliment your main weapon with other damage types, both...
  14. bbihah

    Granum Extraction Guide Short and In Depth Explained

    Mining to metal guide making a resurgence. Nice, Thanks for putting some light on the process for our uninitiated and future players!
  15. bbihah

    singature test

    I wish they'd fix the sig system already.
  16. bbihah

    Want to donate towards MO2 with the $149 package, but need to know if there will be NA servers

    I'm actually very conflicted on where i'd want the server to be if it had to be in any one place(as now) and we got to decide. Greenland would be my favorite pick in that case, which would mean fast connection for all of US(better than now), all of europe(slightly worse than now) and the...
  17. bbihah

    Starvault Has Stocks

    They probably take the standard 20-30% cut.
  18. bbihah

    Want to donate towards MO2 with the $149 package, but need to know if there will be NA servers

    Still think multiple continents on different servers that are connected, on top of all the normalization and improvement on the normalization would be the absolutely most optimal solution. But that'd need them to make another continent, and I doubt the NA players would want Sarducaa, I wouldn't...
  19. bbihah

    Starvault Has Stocks

    What does 1KK mean? 1 thousand thousand? you mean 100k€? :P Their goals are very reasonable. I sort of wish I had even MORE money put in now. But at least I wont be homeless next couple years :p