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  1. Kbear

    PC 13% Free armor weight Amulet

    Price check on Stats are 46 Creature control 5 Armor Training 13% Free Armor Weight trinket is currently Silver/Coral as a Legacy. Its not been recharged since the patch that fixed those early trinkets. Likely to be a Gold +Topaz next charge or similar. I'll post a pic as soon as I have it
  2. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    Biggest I've ever caught and possibly a record
  3. Kbear


    The best I've caught is a silver with amethyst and I've probably collected 50 or so. I have seen someone post and image of a Silver with a ruber collected whilst fishing although that would be extrememly rare.
  4. Kbear


    Desert Horses are generally considered the best at present. Steppe's are also quite popular. Hopefully in time we see Bull horses appear and variable horse stats as was in MO1. Breeding of horses was a senstive topic at times in MO1 as with some knowledge a player could breed amazing horses...
  5. Kbear


    The introduction of trinkets provided a boost to fishing in game, however the attraction dropped off once it was realised the value of cuprum amulets was low. Nowdays people still fish but the numbers are down as it's not very profitable. The mechanics are well done but as per Favonius...
  6. Kbear


    I fish daily and havent become rich from it. Lately I've focussed on catching turtles, taming them and then selling on the broker. It's far from the best way to make some gold, but I'll continue for a little while longer. I'm waiting on the next patch where fishing for rings may be introduced...
  7. Kbear

    Yet another reason the game will be dead very soon.

    They are trying as its in their interest to create a succesfful game, however they are clearly struggling releasing more content and bug fixes in a timely manner. I will continue to play as I really enjoy the game. Having played MO1 I see the potential in MO2 but it's far from being realised yet...
  8. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    I've slowed down on fishing but tried today to catch Blood Kua. The small size catches suggests its been nerfed. The fish caught were about 10% of the catches in the past. Anyone else notice this?
  9. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    Possible record here
  10. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    Great seeing you my friend too doing really well in game and hopefully with life in general :-)
  11. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    I enjoyed fishing in MO1 and found it profitable too in fishing rodspine and other fish. I find the mechanics in MO2 more reaslistic which adds to the experience but I'm far from making a profit on my efforts. I may soon but its been a slow process and quite costly. I'll persist but may change...
  12. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    I'd suggest banking these as they may be of some use in future.
  13. Kbear

    Fish encyclopedia

    Thanks to Angelo for creating this thread. It'd be great to have a list of fish and whether to butcher or vendor as is and the price. This may be the new record but I suspect others have caught heavier
  14. Kbear

    Allow people to scribe for players in trade window

    In MO1 there was the ability to trasfer spells from one book to another. This reduces the risk in transferring an expensive book and scroll to another player in the hope the player will honor the deal. I for one would not hand over my Lex of Death spell book + scrolls to another player to...
  15. Kbear

    What Continent Should we Get Next

    My immediate response is Sarducaa as I too spent much time on the lands and had couple of pali's for a while. I enjoyed the challenge of the lands and large open areas. Generally peaceful and lots of PVE and very rewarding. It wasn't a place for newer players as conditions were harsh with the...
  16. Kbear

    Myrland instances go against core game design

    The announcement stunned me too as it was not what I expected. It does appear there are software design limitations which constrain the number of people in any one instance to a figure which is well below the customer base. The temporary action suggested will help people to not be stuck in...
  17. Kbear

    New Players should be told to stay in Heaven in the first days.

    I'm planning to level up a bit first in Haven then probably base myself in Meduli initially anyway.
  18. Kbear

    Feedback- How to check Ping with ease! -Poll update-

    296ms, based in Aus so not unexpected
  19. Kbear

    It's my birthday

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day :-)