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  1. Rhias

    Bashing a Karni's House

    Enjoy! ;)
  2. Rhias

    Some Necro Dungeon PVP action and some solo action in the Sator Dungeon and around Bakti

    GF everyone (maybe expect the 1 vs 3+ fights :P)
  3. Rhias

    Fighting HeadHunters on the Ant Highway

    GF everyone!
  4. Rhias

    PVP with my Thursar Dagger Beastmaster

    Sounds like a troll build, is probably a troll build, and I wouldn't recommend it. :ROFLMAO: GF everyone!
  5. Rhias

    Prevent deletion of items after receiving pet damage

    Hey, a lot of people delete their loot shortly before they get dismounted because damage to the horse does not count as (the player) taking damage, and therefore deleting of all items is possible. IMHO pet damage should also count for the non-destroy timer, and generally the non-destroy time...
  6. Rhias

    Ant-Highway Roaming

    GF everyone and happy easter!
  7. Rhias

    Remove priests from dungeon entrances or move further away

    You defeat another group e.g. in Mino dungeons and people respawn outside, run naked back in and draw a shitload of aggro from minos and pull 5+ minos into your group.
  8. Rhias

    DeathJesters vs Legion

    GF everyone!
  9. Rhias

    DeathJesters vs some other guilds

    GF everyone! PS: DeathJesters are recruiting. German speaking only. See video description for more details.
  10. Rhias

    Some Tindrem Sewers fights (the flagging system sucks)

    How to get 6 murdercounts in less than 20 minutes without beeing the aggressor in the fight.
  11. Rhias

    Mounted Combat sucks

    Hey, I think most have noticed that almost all Mounted Builds are MA's. I think that's only partly because their range is favorable in PVE, but also because Mounted Combat sucks. In this post I'm talking about MC with slashing/bashing weapons and NOT about spears/lances. IMHO those are the main...
  12. Rhias

    Why Toxai got no Anim Sith Guards?

    Hey, in Toxai you gain or loose Anim Sith standing. But there are Khurite guards all over the place. If you loose Khurite standing those guards attack you, even when you got positive Anim Sith standing. So currently Anim Sith standing is completly useless. Is this supposed to be that way? Or is...
  13. Rhias

    Beast masters need some love (nodeline issues)

    Hey, Traveling with pets is really cumbersome. - There are nodelines which pet's can't cross e.g. South of MohKi or West of Bakti. - There are path's which pet's can't follow e.g. the backdrop behind MohKi (due to mini-jumps). - Some water is not passable for pet's e.g. the Jungle Islands. And...
  14. Rhias

    Taming fails too often

    Hey, I don't know if I'm too stupid. I got 100 Taming, and 100 pet lore. Tried to tame a black bear (level 50). Took ~20 attemps. Okay. Then I tried to tame big Dire Wolfe. 50 attemps, still not tamed. Then I tried to tame a young Dire Wolf. 30 attemps, also not tamed. Is there any special...
  15. Rhias

    1vs1: TTK too long?

    Hey, as you might know I'm roaming frequently solo around and I experienced a lot of 1 vs 1 fights that basically lasted forever (nobody was able to kill the other person, and somebody disangaged the fight after 10+ minutes of fighting). IMHO this is mainly due the great working parry system...
  16. Rhias

    Defending on Foot against Mounted ( 1 vs 1)

    IMHO single mounted combats with spears are pretty easy to parry, and in no way superior to foot. He was more dangerous on foot than on his mount. :D
  17. Rhias

    Ganking people with my Mounted

    Reskilled my thursar to full mounted combat/archer with healing magic... With the right terrain it seems to be pretty hard to kill foot fighters. I would have had a even harder time if he had a bow.
  18. Rhias

    Testing Mounted Combat with Spears & Maces

    Lost every fight in the video. :D However, the first one I could have won if that no-stamina-regeneration bug hadn't occured. Right now spears seem to be the MC weapon of choise. But before complaining to early let's wait for the dismount mechanics to be implemented.