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  1. Piet

    Things that need fixed/changed

    Horse bags bank expansion horses need fixed pets need fixed mounted combat added sausage lake optimization moon colidiscopes near Moh Ki MohKi mountain optimization Alverin need buffed currently they aren't strong enough to wear full steel much less tung or ogh and the damage bonus adds...
  2. Piet

    Simple criminal system.

    I like the idea of the new rep system and such but I can already think of a few ways it may be rough and cumbersome. Usually the simplest idea is the best especially in systems like this. My suggestion is to unincorporate the rep and criminal system. Instead combine the old can't hit blue...
  3. Piet

    New players need more speed.

    As a new player helping guild in mo1 the biggest complaint is the game feels slow and clunky and I can't even tell I'm running. Inevitably I as them how much dex or running skill they have and usually it's none. In mo1 there was free helpful skill points in butchering and such. My suggestion is...
  4. Piet

    Two handed swords

    I am sure everyone has noticed they are the meat and potato weapon. Almost no one uses anything different. I believe 2h swords are close to on par but just slightly to strong. They are easy to hit without getting a handle hit in comparison to other weapons, they are faster than other weapon and...
  5. Piet

    Heavy weapons vs lighter weapons

    Heavier weapons should deal chip damage through lighter weapons parry. It's silly a dagger or spear can stop a maul dead in its tracks. Not a ton but enough to at least get some damage in And varying depending on weight comparison of the weapons. This may help make it so heavy weapons have a...
  6. Piet

    Make resources more regional

    There is resources like sabura available almost everywhere. It was a big thing in MO1 where because you had to go around Meduli for sabura it made some trade and pvp encounters. When the servers go persistant can we please have the resources more regional like they were.
  7. Piet

    The Wardens

    The Warden's have returned. We are a group of brothers and sisters in arms with a highly regimented ARPK style originating from MO1. We stand up for the little guys and murder the murderers. Our goal is to take over some land and keep it a safer place for the citizens. To...
  8. Piet

    Weapon Crafting

    Crafting doesn't seem to make nearly as much of a difference in MO2. I made a fully sponge wood weapon handle, and blade and a fully tungsteel weapon, handle and blade. The swing speed is the same. The stam is about the same.
  9. Piet

    What Build are you going for?

    Since we can only have 1 character now I believe this choice is going to be the biggest one we have other than what guild to join. So what are you leaning towards with your one character? It will be interesting to see if this means it will be back to the days of very few mages since everyone...
  10. Piet

    A fix for both guards, and ninja sieges in 1

    A small simple change but I think it may work. Make guards have a "guard duty" shift. This would discourage people from ninja sieging when guilds are offline during "guard duty" but keep it possible all while keeping immersion. None of us like guards but they are needed as a money sink to help...
  11. Piet

    What type of gamer are you?

    Edit: people seem confused by not watching the video before answering. To clarify: Achiever: You want to complete everything, get the achievements, the collectible, fully explore the world and do everything that there is to do. Explorer: You want to explore the systems not the map. Find out new...