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  1. Eldrath

    Twitch Stream Summary September 15th 2022

    Any news on lawless zones?
  2. Eldrath

    From a New Player

    The game gives the false impression that there is justice to be found inside its systems. I do understand why new players are mislead into thinking they are entitled to a certain experience rather than an actual social sandbox. There should be no flags or guards from the very start and it...
  3. Eldrath

    How to alienate your PVP community

    I have not seen changes in the patch notes that would make small group play more enjoyable than in Mo1. Instead the design moves away from individual responsibility towards fixed systems controlled by infrequent patches and SVs less than good understanding of what goes on in their game. Mo2...
  4. Eldrath

    Spawn Camping

    I think all the recent threads I read about PvP mechanics showcase the hypocritical mindset that whatever someone else does is griefing and that whatever I do is proper PvP. It is sad that game developers have picked up on this terminology. Ideally the game would have more systems in place to...
  5. Eldrath

    Myrland instances go against core game design

    It´s a solution born out of desperation. This happened quiet a lot and will continue until Henrik cans the incompetent parts of his team.
  6. Eldrath

    We knew it from the beginning

    I think the problem was that their solution to their problem of handling a high number of players was creating instanced PvE servers. Instead of facing the real problem that the Myrland server cannot handle a high population well they created a work around that goes against the original design...
  7. Eldrath

    An Open Letter to Star Vault AB (publ)

    Probably should have demoted Seb to come up with names for weasels.
  8. Eldrath

    We were informed a week ago that the servers can handle over 100k people

    That is one of the reason a more distributed start would have been better, but even the cities are not builld for big player numbers. They are like Skyrim villages. I do agree with your other point that no one should expect them to fix this fast. Even though I don´t understand the purpose of...
  9. Eldrath

    Sometimes you have to stop the denial..

    If it is actually working, which I doubt. Maybe it looks good but it´s a client side problem. I just wonder why they did all those stress test if not to find a solution for exactly this happening.
  10. Eldrath

    Haven and Keeps

    If you are new and SV does their job you will be testing systems and features for years to come. All with the constant thread of being attacked. Part of testing crafting is building up materials and using those to make different crafts. Any part of the game that lets you not transfer those...
  11. Eldrath

    Haven and Keeps

    I disagree. Forcing someone to stay in a tutorial area to mindlessly kill walkers or bandits when they could be in the real game interacting with players is a poor solution. There is no way to have the "haven concept" (instances with limited farming that allow transfer of items) and have it not...
  12. Eldrath

    Thats not how you use a countdown timer Henrik.

    I liked the candles.
  13. Eldrath

    Aku and Rolufes document of griefing, law system and faction pvp.

    I don´t know about that. Looking at the patch notes and the forums during beta I´ve more than a few suggestions taken straight over without any type of translatation. To me it looks like the person responsible either does not care or simply has no vision for the game themselves. Ideally a...
  14. Eldrath

    Aku and Rolufes document of griefing, law system and faction pvp.

    Certainly better than the half cooked mess that they´ve created. I don´t see why the corrupt guards of the empire should have any tolerance for killing their sheep. This made me chuckle. I wonder what kept them from implementing something like this (what a lot of players have been lobbying...
  15. Eldrath

    I'm done w/ testing, but I have to reiterate:

    Oh, I don´t think there is a way to tell good and bad from each other throught the eyes of game system when there are real people involved. Only those who have been cleansed of their false ideals can see truth and repent. While Henrik has been cleansed multiple times he has not learned.
  16. Eldrath

    I'm done w/ testing, but I have to reiterate:

    I think you are making false assumptions about what game SV wants to create.
  17. Eldrath

    Give us regional servers

    And there lies the problem. Multiple servers will not solve that I´m afraid. I don´t care either way. All heathens deserve to be cleansed.
  18. Eldrath

    Oh my god, fix the crime system, please god

    I think removing the system whole would do the trick.
  19. Eldrath

    Mortal Online 2 Gameplay Trailer - Is it Misleading?

    I think this bland trailer captures the game perfectly. Which is a shame.
  20. Eldrath

    Yet another request for a lore section on the forums | Request Granted

    He could post it in the role playing section side by side with player lore.