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  1. Eldrath

    Feedback on the jungle

    The second coming of the sacred land is here and all of the faithful rejoiced. The atmosphere is just right and many hours have been spend exploring the stream, steps, isles and beaches. The work by the builders has been exceptional. There is actually less floating foliage in the jungle than...
  2. Eldrath

    Poll: More damage = increased skill gain

    This has been discussed frequently and most agree that the current way of leveling skills is suboptimal for various reasons. Simply having a higher skill gain in Haven is a band aid and should be abandoned for a long term fix. I propose that experience gain in a given combat skill is increase...
  3. Eldrath

    Shield fact finding

    Since this has derailed the other thread we should continue here. Here is the post concerning shield stamina drain.
  4. Eldrath

    Why we don´t need Haven

    This is an appeal to push back and/or abandon the concept of “Haven” for Mortal Online 2. I will lay out 3 connected arguments that will show that dedicating development time and resources to this will have a negative impact on the game. 1. Most games do just fine without a tutorial, let alone...
  5. Eldrath

    Crash / Hardware poll

    Choose how often you crash and what your set up is. This is a test. Leave contructive feedback.
  6. Eldrath

    Why we don´t need a flagging system

    Bakti. After reflekting my recent experiences when playing I found that the current state works rather well. There are unspoken rules, which when broken lead to retalitation. There is forgiveness for those that accept the peace. It is even more interesting that this works even with unlimited...
  7. Eldrath

    Armor crafting feedback

    Armor crafting has been out for a bit and I think all interested players had time to learn their way around. Now to start with I think the new armor sets and all the pieces look good and work well together. Having only 5 instead of 10 pieces reduces clutter. So I won´t argue that SV needs to go...
  8. Eldrath

    How to raise the skill ceiling

    In a recent discussion on discord the idea came up to gather suggestions to raise the skill ceiling of Mortal Online 2. Currently SV is slowing down movement speed, combat animations (swing and charge speeds) to have better prediction and less desync. I´m not really qualitfied to judge this on...
  9. Eldrath

    Allow for shadows to be turned off

    I think it would be good option for low end machines without impacting visibilty too much. Also it would shut up the noisy kids.
  10. Eldrath

    Suggestion: Have mounts with tradeoffs

    From what I understand the system for mounts is not finished currently, maybe not even under extended development. This is why I would like to present my ideas for the mount system. This partly inspired by things @Henrik Nyström said on Discord and my thoughts over the years of playing the first...
  11. Eldrath

    Suggestion: Combine magic and all planned healing methods in one patch

    I´ve been thinking on how our testing should influence the "final" product. Currently a lot of focus in on duels and organized team fights. These follow very different rulesets than fighting will after launch, yet we use them as a benchmark for balance. To a degree that is unavoidable. Now to...
  12. Eldrath

    Restore the old forum post rating system

    See title. (The system that was in place ca 2015) I´m a grumpy old man and I don´t like the new system. In the old one had cool stuff like "informative" and "winner". I could disagree with someone without being sad or angry about it. You are creating an adult game. Gives us adult ratings.
  13. Eldrath


    A little video to show off the new drawing distance. I might have overdone it. There are a few glitches I couldn´t get rid of - first time video editor. ;) Enjoy!
  14. Eldrath

    Make torches into an offhand item

    Basically make them be like shields. Having them as a main weapon is annoying, limits solo exploration and dungeoneering. As I said in the dual wielding thread I wouldn´t mind if the off hand is exclusive for certain things like shields and torches. Another option would be to let us choose...
  15. Eldrath

    Expand on the lore

    The current lore texts are very similar, if not identical to the old ones. I know this might not be a top priority, but could something be added about what happened in the last few hundred years? I mean looking at earth history a few hundred years make a big difference. Like fall of the roman...
  16. Eldrath

    Idea for woodcutting and gathering

    So I´ve been thinking a little about woodcutting. Many players have stated that they would like to see the ability to cut down trees. Henrik said that SV is looking into it. I´m not a big fan because it will either lead to massive deforestation (which looks shit) or trees that grow back way to...
  17. Eldrath


    Like a titans fist the stench gripped Eldraths throat, leaving him gasping. It rips his mind out of the blissful void of communion. Revulsion and rage blossom. The fury at the severed tie cuts deep, meant to scar. Taken from the warm embrace of the gods he opens his eyes. What he sees summons...
  18. Eldrath


    I did some testing and found that shields only consume more stamina when clicking block (ca 20 instead of 10 to initiate block). Holding a charge or a block consumes the same amount as using the 1h weapon by itself. What I haven´t tested is the swing arc and any change in damage. Maybe the...
  19. Eldrath

    Haven in MO2

    SV will put in restrictions to make Haven unattractive for veteran farming. Which should those be? Haven is supposed to be an noobie island in which you can learn the game in complete safety. So no thievery or ganking. Which means that farming there is much more efficient, since you cannot...
  20. Eldrath

    Amaruuk nuur

    First up I am quiet pleased with the area around Fabernum and the increase in size there. Now for the new area ... I just explored the expanded world and reached amaruuk nuur (sausage lake). Honestly it was a bit of let down and I´m still hoping it´s just a placeholder. A. The tindremic plains...