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  1. Doom and Gloom

    Make Jungle Camp into a True Lawless Town Before Release!

    It needs a magic vendor, it's insane it's impossible to get mage reagents anywhere South from Bakti.
  2. Doom and Gloom

    Area denial spells should be targeted on ground

    They had no time eh? What was that extra 2 months spent on then..
  3. Doom and Gloom

    Area denial spells should be targeted on ground

    Oh didn't know they were like that, I always thought obviously you could cast them anywhere to trap etc. Welp
  4. Doom and Gloom

    Mage Buffs

    I've been the c mostly, but pets are so annoying with their shit AI and no beast mastery implemented etc. + they get killed in any PvP encounter instantly almost. Pets I rly try to use for PvE as they can be at least somewhat helpful, as a mage you cannot solo bandit camps even as MM as the...
  5. Doom and Gloom

    Mage Buffs

    Otherwise your post makes sense, but there is no argument about what RNG is and what it isn't: things simple are not random or they are random. There can be input randomness and output randomness, output randomness is the most bs mechanic usually, which this interrupt chance is. If the interrupt...
  6. Doom and Gloom

    Mage Buffs

    What is this most games you speak of? I don't understand why there needs to be a RANDOM chance to be able to cast your spell, it just makes zero sense and makes mages useless without mounts in solo PvE (idk with necro now) and close combat. I know no other games which have this kind of weird RNG...
  7. Doom and Gloom

    Rep system suggestion

    The rep system is a farce currently, as it doesn't have any positive sides yet. There is zero reason to have more than the bare minimum at any time, except if you plan to be losing it I guess. In addition to more interesting ways of gaining rep they need to incentivize getting it and keeping it.
  8. Doom and Gloom

    A way for SV to make money and make players happier

    Yeah, would be nice but Henrik says no, sadly. It is strange for a game to not allow players to explore different builds, or at least not without ridiculous timesinks of redoing their characters for a subpar experience anyways as you didn't plan that char for the new build from the start...
  9. Doom and Gloom

    Need separate keybinds for overhead/thrust for attack and block

    Idk about this one but I noticed if I set my default attack to thrust, I am unable to block sideways, I can only block down or up (with the overhead hotkey).
  10. Doom and Gloom

    Parry immediately after taking out a weapon

    I also noticed some weird bug occurring when coming out of a horseback that weapon was unable to swing until re-equipping it.
  11. Doom and Gloom

    magic reflect changes. do you like it?

    The AI spells can be reflected was a very welcome change. I think it was ridiculous it would bounce heals too, I think it's pretty good spot for it now, finally usable as we will maybe have some necros actually attacking ppl in the wilds soon instead of the usual MA only. One spell reflected is...
  12. Doom and Gloom

    QOL / Make game feel more like a regular MMORPG

    There are many stupid ideas on this forum, and I hate to attack people personally, but not realizing what compulsion loops like daily quest systems have done to the game industry is just... Yikes. This game sadly actually really is not for people like you, not trying to be offensive here but...
  13. Doom and Gloom

    Why has taming so much RNG in it

    Yeap, tamer gameplay: stand still next to creatures for hours holding tame button, smack every once in a while. After that you get to afk next to the pet for a few days to level it up, then you can go to a fight and you can press one button and witness the magnificent AI do the work (which means...
  14. Doom and Gloom

    Make the mage soloable

    Sadly it is starting to look like this game wants mages only as part of a group, which really sucks for solo-interested players like myself. Necro will be cool addition, but likely gatekeeped like Spiritism and the range of spells will still be awful compared to a bow. Plus expensive reagents...
  15. Doom and Gloom

    A complilation of long-standing bugs and things that don't make any sense

    Also: - At least on the Alvarin's movement speed skills, pressing the skill while its on cooldown RESETS the cooldown to max (at least visually) - You cannot place an item in the last slot in the horse bags, also the second last slot doesn't often let you place an item until you first switch...
  16. Doom and Gloom

    Pre necromancy spells expected results

    PvE casters certainly don't have mana, or then it is set to positive infinity. I also love how most of their spells are combined with corruption, no matter what hits you you always also get corrupted. Such bs overall, but yeah, expect these not working as intended for a long time.
  17. Doom and Gloom

    Red brokers

    Don't you literally have a chance of getting ganked and losing it all already between any two cities/locations? And if you wanna earn you can go and take some desert horses to Gaul Kor, I bet you'd make money hah
  18. Doom and Gloom

    We need stamina for combat pets

    I definitely want all NPCs to obey the same rules as players do, this was what was promised on their site as well and got me interested in the game (and feeling betrayed afterwards). But currently, being a tamer is really unfun, as your pet gets killed by MAs and there is nothing you can do...
  19. Doom and Gloom

    On the matter of strength.

    Wait, parrying is weaker if you have lower strength? I thought it was always full damage block. I do only play mage though so I wouldn't know.