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    Men of Wealth and Taste (MOWAT) is Recruiting

    Men of Wealth and Taste is looking for like minded individuals willing to work hard towards our underlying goal of opening trade relationships and building wealth. This is a brand new venture and will require people willing to share experience and expertise to help (MOWAT) carve our spot in...
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    WTB - Sea Due Leaves Or Trade for Steal

    I am willing to purchase or trade for Sea Due leaves in increments of 1 stack. Would also trade for or buy Green Jamburra Please PM me.
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    Load Times and Lag issues

    Just wondering if anyone else is or was having similar issues. I purchased the game via steam and will attach a dxdiag report and a screen shot of my task manager while the game is loading. It takes 10 plus minutes to load, however was running great once loaded before today's wipe / patch...