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  1. billbonty

    OLD MO1 spellbook with labeled magic school tabs

    This is the old spellbook found deep within the MO1 forums long ago and almost lost to time. This is being revived for MO2 in hopes that the same schools of magic will come to life in the future.
  2. billbonty

    My review of the combat / changes so far.

    Combat has come a long way since the start of MO2's alpha... but we're not quite there yet. Parrying: Not great. 5/10 Blocking is considered a parry for far too long. You can hold down block for a good 2 seconds and its still a parry. The fact that you can parry hits that are literally behind...
  3. billbonty

    Teleportation stones - Reminiscent of UO's system and possibly a solution to naked traveling

    Two stones. Cost 50g each (weigh 10). Can vendor for 50g each. (allowing highwaymen to rob them) Placing one lasts 6 hours. Placing another causes the first to be destroyed or dropped. You have a 'home' stone. And a 'destination' stone. You place the home stone down. you have 6 hours. You travel...