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  1. chingaperros

    Let us cancel our attacks again without having to hold the mouse button.

    Since last patch you can't cancel your swing aka feint unless your holding your left mouse button. This makes it feel very clunky and not fluid like before. We need more aggresive options not less. Please put it back how it was, thanks
  2. chingaperros

    Kite Sprinting

    They should add this back. For anyone that didnt play MO1, kite sprinting means that you use less stam while sprinting out of combat mode. It helped alot for kiting vs bigger groups and really makes no sense to run slower and use the same stam.
  3. chingaperros

    Add recovery time for missed parrys

    Just like for missing swings, players should be punished for misparrying. Now Im not saying make the game into Mordhau, the recovery time should be short, maybe not even a full second but only a few ms. It would be enough so that you cant instantly correct the parry direction, which makes...
  4. chingaperros

    Buff Feinting

    We all know the game desperately needs a counter to parry whoring, especially now the game is getting slower. It seems Henrik and SV are banking on some special unblockable moves that may or may not involve a stun, but IMO we shouldnt sacrifice the directional base combat we all love from MO1...
  5. chingaperros

    Blocking after swinging should follow the same logic as attacking

    From last patch notes: The player is now allowed to attack again directly after a successful hit, without waiting for the whole animation to finish. Attacks now have four stages instead of three. Previously [charge, hold, release]. Now [charge, hold, release, recovery]. What wasnt in the patch...
  6. chingaperros

    Let us combo our swings

    Just like with parrying, you can now speed up your next swing animation by holding the LMB right after swinging. This has made flurrys more viable, which was needed due to the parry statue meta we have today, but it feels a bit too easy. Back in MO1 we also had this, but you had to time it right...
  7. chingaperros

    Make blocking after swinging your weapon skill based again

    After the last patch you can hold the RMB right after you swing and you will parry immediately after the animation is over. Before and in MO1 you needed to time it perfectly right after the swing is done or you wouldnt parry. Now Im not sure if its a bug or intentional to "smooth" out the...
  8. chingaperros

    Reduce swing delay

    The current swing delay makes the game unplayable for anyone over 150+ ping. Thats a huge chunk of the gaming market, considering the game will only have 1 server this is a really bad decision. Now I get the idea is to prevent the dreaded insta swings from high ping players in MO1, and it has...