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  1. Zbuciorn

    R.I.P Phil Spector

    Phil Spector managed to survive a decade in state prison...not bad for someone that old I think.Definitly he should never be allowed to own a gun and with proper psychological care he might never got into problems like that.I would rather remember him as a legendary producer.
  2. Zbuciorn

    View distance slider.

    After engine upgrade the slider is missing not being able to adjust this may lower fps on older machines.
  3. Zbuciorn

    Clear the inventory option in UI.

    Having option to clear the inventory without moving everything by hand would be great help for all the crafters who are skilling up. When triggered it could start countdown timer when you cannot move or get any damage so it is not used to get rid off all your stuff during pvp fighting.
  4. Zbuciorn

    View distance is major improvement compering to MO1.

    We can see other players from very far now and this is one of biggest improvements in MO2. No longer two roaming groups may miss each other being very close and that happened often in MO1.
  5. Zbuciorn

    Voice against killboard.

    I would like to see some sort of awarding notorious fighters but killboard feels artificial and promote selfish players. Pressure to get more frags is often destroying team spirit in guilds. Becoming legendary should not be based on scoreboard.
  6. Zbuciorn

    Guild and alliance organization.

    I would like to see 3 levels of team organization. tier one-local citizens group created without guild stone but registered at local npc and may consists only of players who declare particular city as a hometown which is planed for players to be able to get back to their town after they...
  7. Zbuciorn

    Nomadic playstyle and crafting.

    If we can craft simple weapons like wooden spear or leather armours without crafting tables at the cost of their durability that would let some players to spend more time away from towns. Staying in the jungle and being able to have fun hunting or just exploring for days living out of land could...
  8. Zbuciorn

    Cow and chicken:)

    I would love to see more farming options in MO2.Having cows could be based on mounts system but without possibility to ride on them but milking instead. You could bread and keep them in stables to keep the system simple.
  9. Zbuciorn

    SLAV Team.

    Hi, Is enybody from our old crew planning to play MO2?