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  1. Teknique

    What's Wrong with Tek?

    How Mortal Online 2 content needs to be edited in the dark age of the Malmo empire of Sweden hunting down force sensitives with their dreaded nerf bat. But we must carry on for theHandsome Young Men of the world who simply can't bear existence without my content.
  2. Teknique

    Twitch Skill vs Tactical Skill

    I've heard from more than one person that twitch skill should not be the primary factor in an mmorpg. I would like to invite my forum colleague @Kaemik who suggests that a reduction of twitch skill allows for players with more tactical skill to shine to comment. I will argue that Twitch skill...
  3. Teknique

    Saving World Favorite Russian from Capitalist Quad Zerg to Make Benefit Mortal Online 2

    Uploaded some footage yesterday of me playing pretty bad, a little better segment here to make benefit glorious federation of Skif for Mortal Online 2.
  4. Teknique

    2vX Clip Kinda

    Tyguy and I get separated from our group and are forced to fight 2vX for a short period of time. Nothing too special I made a lot of mistakes and our opponents didn't do a great job under the circumstances.
  5. Teknique

    To the Enemies of TruthShower the Foundling

    I've been quested to protect this foundling and deliver him unto the calx. UDL, you can walk away now unless you want to be UDeLeted This is the way IDK how to embed so just click the twitch link
  6. Teknique

    Poll: Do You Like The New Combat

    Now that the combat has been out for a little while, how do you all feel? Please leave a written response if you feel the poll doesn't cover your opinions.
  7. Teknique

    Can You Aim Trade Now?

    Its been asked can you aim trade against an opponent? I dueled who was on to find out. I think the answer is yes, the average player that you run into now won't be furry with swing queuing and instant parry recoveries anymore. Will you be able to beat a top 10 duelist with just the left click...
  8. Teknique

    Ridiculous .90 Patch Team Fight

    Gatsu sword is real
  9. Teknique

    Please Provide Post .73 Patch Combat Feedback

    Obviously this is but the first step in a changed combat system so no expectations for it to be perfect and its also been out for less than a day so perhaps there's stuff I/we are overlooking. Thoughts: A) Combat is overall slower due to swings hanging in the air longer, making it much more...
  10. Teknique

    Exact Reasons why MO Died and What Not to do Moving Forward

    Hey all, almost everybody here already knows these things, thankfully so do the devs now too seemingly, but I just wanted to recap exactly what I feel was the cause of the decline in MO. This is one of the few times that I will please asks the vets of the community to like this thread to show...
  11. Teknique

    Post Patch Duels

    Anyone else feel like the 1.5 second block delay vs 1 Second from the patch before this feels clunky? @leech
  12. Teknique

    Do the Swing Arcs Follow any Logic?

    can somebody explain this to me? What are these damage values, and are these considered accels? as an aside please get rid of the linear scaling of dmg and go back to breakpoint system.
  13. Teknique

    Little Clip

  14. Teknique

    Brief Turn Cap Summary

    What it does and if it still exists
  15. Teknique

    C-c-c-ombo breaker!!

    In a group fight right now you can dive for someone putting you at significant risk of stamming out. If they then parry wall you, which is fairly easy to do in MO 2 relative to MO 1, you took a lot of risk for not a lot of reward. What if on the 3rd or 4th consecutive parry you got a really...
  16. Teknique

    I am the Super Legitz Man

    Yall doin way too much. Tryna bite my style steal my swag.
  17. Teknique

    A Solid Group Fight

    No fan of the turn cap, but its not intrusive in group fights and we'll take that as a minor inconvenience.
  18. Teknique

    Future Magic Nerf Blueprints

    In MO 1 it was a bit cheesy that you could like aim and have an impact on fights with your player skill. I'm confident we'll have a fix for this in the new game.
  19. Teknique

    No Reason Just Because

    Please, won't you push me for the last time Let's scream until there's nothing left So sick of playing, I don't want this anymore The thought of you's no fucking fun You want a martyr, I'll be one Because enough's enough, we're done You told me think about it, well I did Now I don't wanna feel a...
  20. Teknique

    Patwins Online New Player Tutorial Guide

    @PatWins ...I got nothing man