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  1. Crewe

    Poll - Parry Speed After Swing

    2 no brainer.
  2. Crewe

    Bandages - Community Discussion

    I would say it would be good if it's just like MO1, bandages heal the most if you did not take damage, and the healing effectiveness starts to go down if you take fall damage or someone hit you, Healing over time sounds interesting but it won't be useful if you can just sleep it off faster or...
  3. Crewe

    Turn Cap Yes or No?

    I'm the best.
  4. Crewe

    Patch Notes Discussion

    Awe that sucks to hear :( , it was good to see you around bud! :)
  5. Crewe

    Simple forum fix.

    Please fix some of the forums issues. I can't see when "Highlighting" words, it's all blacked out, and everything is almost underlined...
  6. Crewe

    Next Gen Mortal

    I just want to clear things out for people that keep bringing this up. I quote... "Kallus Valk": "No need to. Several of the features are already in 4.24 and as cited: "We’re designing for forward compatibility, so you can get started with next-gen development now in UE4 and move your...