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  1. Kavu

    Diving In & Hanging Out

    Opened the video with the jolly wholesome laugh of the man whose powerful voice made editing the video take forever. Shout out to the muscle gang who made this video happen.
  2. Kavu

    Too Far From Home

    Too Far From Home An endless barrage of raindrops fell upon the treetops, sliding their way down to the lush jungle floor of Urmothâr. The new land had already proven itself dangerous time and time again to foreigners seeking adventure, new lives, or to grow fat on the riches that the land may...
  3. Kavu

    Warrior Weeb

    Look I know it's not latency friendly because it's short and doesn't get good blunt damage, but I just can't help myself. Ft. Geedorah & Svetlana
  4. Kavu

    Alpha PvP & Chill

    The final battle is a doozy. Ft. Monco, Soupy, Teknique Cameos by Dunk Slammington's Steam account, and Svetlana's bare feet.
  5. Kavu

    Mortal Online 2 | Fabernum - Team Battle Royale

    Greetings fellow testers, and testers in waiting! Image credit: Michele Tosoni For many of us, the full release of Mortal Online 2 cannot come soon enough. A persistent world to group up in, collect resources, and wage wars with legendary battles. As of now, we have mostly had to be...
  6. Kavu

    Gear Guide Compendium

    Alpha Gear & Where To Find It Although it is unclear how long this will be relevant, in an effort to help my fellow warriors of Nave understand, choose, and locate their tools. I am beginning work on a table that will contain items that can be located in Nave and their base stats going off of...
  7. Kavu

    I Said I'd Never Play Mortal Online Again

    ...but... Mortal Online 2 could be a loop hole I guess? :cautious: