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  1. Goltarion

    MO 2 world "map"

    nice job
  2. Goltarion

    What Build are you going for?

    I think ill either be going for a footfighter/-archer build or a heavy hybrid build with whatever race is fast enough while still having decent HP, stam and dmg bonus. Will probably end up not doing a hybrid, even though i love some heals and corrups, cause i dont want to give up a bunch of...
  3. Goltarion

    Forum could use some overhaul

    I'm browsing these forums on my phone mainly and I was never able to see people's signatures for some reason...
  4. Goltarion

    MO 2 meme collection

    lmao, that grumpy old man got really quiet now. Wonder if he is in these forums and if he still thinks the same way about MO2
  5. Goltarion

    One character per account

    I think it will be good to only have one character per account because of all the reasons already mentioned in this thread. But we will have to wait for the final skill system/separation to really judge how well it works. As for mage being unable to make gold without a pet cause of limited...
  6. Goltarion

    Road Signs

    Some road signs to point new players in the general direction of towns would be good, I agree with that. They shouldn't be on every crossroad though, finding your way around the map and getting lost to finally find a town after (an) hour(s) of running through the wilderness was a huge part of...
  7. Goltarion

    Combat Alpha Testing w/Henrik Teamfight and 1v1's

    very enjoyable video. Thanks!
  8. Goltarion

    Oghmium lootbag donation package too expensive

    i suppose there might be a cheaper lifetime package when MO2 is live
  9. Goltarion


    which one? Hopefully not this one: 😂 i remember that was mounted combat when i started the game. Got oneshot everywhere i go
  10. Goltarion

    Sliders alternative on weapons and armor

    Good Idea, its a simple change and would make it much more intuitive for newer players. Also, i hope theylet everyone see the bars in the same way, not dependent on crafting skill or anything, so the slider that you see on the broker are the same you see on the weapon in your inventory
  11. Goltarion

    Upcoming Q&A With Henrik

    is that a thing on Haven? I dont remember
  12. Goltarion

    Upcoming Q&A With Henrik

    Yeah im generally against guards, but they will be in the game anyways. But what he said about them sounds like they wil be quite different this time around. If players need to gear the guards and they drop that gear, that means players create mobs that are farmable for gear. Sounds like it will...
  13. Goltarion

    Trading and local resources

    honestly having the tephra and blast furnace both up in gk area always seemed strange to me. One of them should be somewhere else. Maybe more at the center of the map.
  14. Goltarion

    Upcoming Q&A With Henrik

    Was a good Q&A. Props to Rolufe and Henrik for doing this 5 hours long!
  15. Goltarion


    Dont underestimate Strilan. Dude had like 10 accounts in MO1 :ROFLMAO:
  16. Goltarion

    A Little Snippet from Henrik

    Cant wait to see the new skill system! how they split combat and crafting, which ones are active and which ones are passive skills etc. Its the info im looking forward to the most atm honestly
  17. Goltarion


    yeah mounted with really high ping was always cancerous to fight against. Still the worst was oneshot silly hammers and then oneshot lances, hasnt been that bad since.
  18. Goltarion

    rework item/material lifecycle (drop/repair/salvage)

    Ah alright, i dont know anything about that stuff. i just thought if every single item dropped created a lootbag on the ground a mass amount of lootbags in an area would lag people
  19. Goltarion


    Found one for you. Thats with a dismount axe though
  20. Goltarion

    Armours & Weapons, The Mercenary - Cinematic Showcase Video

    Very nicely made. Good job! I like the look of the mercenary plate armor. The one handed weapons all look really short to me. Hope they will have more reason to be used than they did in MO1.