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    Combat Suggestions [Feedback & Ideas Appreciated]

    MATE these ideas just make the game back to MO1 everyone with HIGH PING become so OP and hit through blocks which make blocks useless
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    Make overheadstrike parry-breaking

    XD turn game into overhead online and make all other directions useless such great idea mate
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    Suggestion - Change swing release slow down to be less restrictive

    we undo all the swing nerfs and we go back to complaining about spin2win fighting later so there is no point to keeping to try balancing combat like that just LEARN HOW TO PLAY WITH IT
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    Do the Swing Arcs Follow any Logic?

    hit at end of swing = low damage, hit middle of swing = high damage, use your brain mate is not complicated stop complaining
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    Make torches into an offhand item

    hey HALLO? MANY torches were made with rags soaked in some sort of oils and wrapped around stick, having cage around so the rag does not fall off is the whole point so you are 100% completely wrong when you say torch breaks when you swing, is just not true mate. and now you complain torch is...
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    Make torches into an offhand item

    this i agree torch should be left hand so you have another weapon to use
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    C-c-c-ombo breaker!!

    you do not even have to teamfight to see how no skill sticky back is even in DUELS if people stam out you can just chase them and spam attack there back and nothing they can do in teamfight is worse because now multiple people can be sticky back if they try to run away so is such dogshit mechanic
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    C-c-c-ombo breaker!!

    sticky is so 0 skill hitting someone in the back while they running away MO2 should not have such derpy mechanic like in MO1
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    C-c-c-ombo breaker!!

    mate IS TO FORCE YOU TO PLAY MORE TACTICAL so you cannot just run into group spam hit one person and run back to stam up u need play with team with a frontline to kill people not just play derpy 2 win
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    C-c-c-ombo breaker!!

    XD run deep into group then complain about stamming out what is this logic mate
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    Suggestion: ingame gamma slider or real darkness

    mate are you DAFT? whole point of night is to be so dark you can ambush having toggle makes no sense because people will just always have it off so they wont be ambushed game needs to only have it on
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    A Solid Group Fight

    mate that is the whole point of being dark, to force people to use torch
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    Suggestion: ingame gamma slider or real darkness

    MATE if U are too lazy to GAMMA U are too lazy to WIN
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    Suggestion: ingame gamma slider or real darkness

    XD u are not suppose to adjust gamma mate, that is whole point of night so stop gamma crutching like tarkov
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    Future Magic Nerf Blueprints

    NERF mages BUFF fighters XD turn game into handicap mordhau online